Let us Sauce up your platform, one creative strategy at a time

At sauce media, we’re chefs, cooking up the best talent. Our founder, Mr. Sauce, has over 4 years of experience, millions of acquired followers, and has taken countless budding in-fluencers under his wing. With a mission to promote entrepreneurship and nurture talent, we have the secret sauce to connect talented people to their niche community.

We Do




Influencer Marketing

Sauce Media invests in people. We believe that one influencer has the ability to create a lasting impact. Through our ongoing partnership with TikTok, we know what works. We’ve got the special sauce to connect you to your community. We are Influencer matchmakers.



Campaign Strategy

Confidence, experience and expertise. With our talented team of copywriters, Project Managers and media mavens, be assured that your strategic campaigns are in good hands. Success is one strong campaign away.



Multi-media Creation

Creative decisions come easily when there’s a team of talented multimedia creators diligently brainstorming. Recognition is created one memorable media project at a time! From script writing to final cut, our creative juices flow saucefully.



Talent Nurturing

Knowing what it takes to build an influencer is just the half of it. Our secret sauce includes ingredients like: data driven analytics, strong relationships and building momentum for ultimate success. We discover talent and dreamers with a common interest in reaching and bettering communities around the globe.


Of consumers trust the opinions they see on social media channels

Billion people around the world now use social media


Of Marketers Have Used Influencer Marketing

We Focus On


In a sea of “just ordinary,” influence extraordinarily. Catch eyes and good vibes with our personalized services and growth strategies. Connect with your favorite brands and share with your community.


Enhance the way your customers see you, one slick dance move, trending sound and brand ambassador at a time. We use our strategic connections with media platforms and influential people to help your campaigns flourish.


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We are excited to be potentially working with you on your next influencer marketing campaign! Please fill out the form below or email us at contact@saucemedia.com and sauce media will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your campaign further.