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Sauce Media, The Influencer Marketing Agency

Sauce Media was founded by Mr. Sauce, a beloved social media figure known for his iconic vlog style of short videos and fueled by his 13 million followers on Douyin, the TikTok in China,

Mr. Sauce experienced first hand how to turn his hobby of using social media into a million-dollar business. With years of experience working on creating video content on Douyin, Mr. Sauce has helped a group of friends who are also passionate about social media to start and grow their business ideas through Douyin, some of which have become social media sensations in China.

Sauce Media’s mission is to help people who dare to think creatively, to succeed via TikTok. With a deep understanding of how to become an influencer, Sauce Media has assembled a dynamic team offering a best-in-class incubator program for future influencers on TikTok.

Mr. Sauce


Mr. Secret Sauce. With an element of secrecy, Mr. Sauce has dominated the Douyin platform, one viral video at a time. When he’s not creating content for his own popular channel, Mr. Sauce is passionate about sharing the tools for Internet success. A student of technology and a master of the social platforms, Mr. Sauce founded Sauce Media with the intention of helping like-minded trend-setters with a flair for entrepreneurship and creativity.